ALT-C Presentation: Enhancing Lectures with Interactive Teaching Tools

July 26, 2017

This paper and presentation was accepted by ALT (Association for Learning Technology). It was presented by Jonny Crook and Dr Julian Jones at the 2015 ALT Conference: Shaping the Future of Learning Together. Presentation link.

The presentation focused on a project developed between Dr Julian Jones, Lecturer in Accounting and Finance and Jonny Crook, Learning Technologist | The University of Manchester.

The project was developed for an Alliance Manchester Business School course in Accounting and Finance. The project centred on converting a number of traditional lecture slides into interactive teaching tools that could be used both inside and outside the lecture. They allow greater student engagement and understanding and give the tutor an indication of student understanding of the subject matter. The project looked at using elements of ‘The Flipped Classroom’ approach to teaching.

Tools used included interactive topics and Responseware polling, all accessible across platforms: computer, mobile and tablet devices.