The new wave of smartphones are upon us! We’ll all be GPS-ing, 3G-ing and touchscreen surfing the web on-the-go soon.

Let’s have a quick look at a few on offer:

T-Mobile G1

Caused a big stir when it was launched last week, it’s the first phone to feature Google’s Android operating system. Android was developed by The Open Handset Alliance – a collaboration of developers creating an open and free mobile platform.

Lot’s of people think the phone is ugly – I think it looks solid and functional. What’s more off-putting for me is the geeky nature surrounding the phone (and promoting it).


We all know what this is all about…What I find sad is the amount of awe and wonder with which people treat the phone. People seem to wrap it up in all sorts of protective cases and then touch it like they’re rubbing a precious stone.

Samsung Omnia

A direct competitor to the iPhone, the Omnia is an all singing and dancing touch screen phone with a better hardware spec than it’s rival. Runs Windows Mobile 6.1.

Sony Ericsson Xperia

A rather swish looking touchphone with slideout keyboard (ok, so this phone does make the T-Mobile G1 look like a brick). Features some quirky touch phone features such as the nine panel grid layout.

The website is worth a look if only to hear an odd sounding European woman explain the phone to us (“I just love this giant touchscreen!” and tantalizingly, “I can’t live without my daily dose of celebrity gossip.”).  I’m sold.

3 Responses to Smartphones

  1. Whilst I have stated that I feel the T-Mobile G1 looks ugly, beneath the skin it is set to be a powerful beast. As you mention, the Android operating system is likely to be a strong contender to the iPhone for mobile app developers, due to the lack of barriers that currently exist with the iPhone.

    Whereas the Samsung Omnia and Sony Ericsson Xperia look nice, for me they are all show and no go. Sure they are technologically superior to the iPhone, but I feel the success of a mobile device now relies on how easy it is for third-party mobile app developers to develop for it.

  2. Denton Burr says:

    GPS is really becoming standard operational procedures for these glamour cellphones. What really makes them shine is the APPs developed for the GPS which can be very nifty. The Android has an APP called Cab4Me that gives a cab company all your information for a pickup. Very useful.

    More and more smarts are going into these smartphones and to me, it follows the trend of the PC become less necessary while intelligent devices take more and more of its market.

    General purpose computers for home consumers are becoming less important.

  3. martin king says:

    The voice function of “phone” is just a minor thing now.

    This is how IT should be – convenient, “invisible”.

    I consider smartphones to be perfect accompliments to cloud computing – snall local resouce with access to the infinity of clouds like Google for compute, apps and data

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