Second Life for learning

Our team had a quick look at Second Life yesterday. There’s been a lot of speculation recently that this could be the future of online learning. It was fun getting to grips with the ‘strange, new world’ and it’s quirky features but it seemed a bit frustrating trying to communicate with random people and engaging in conversation. You would need to spend a lot of time using it to explore what you can do and undertand it’s potential. And if it takes that much effort then I think a lot of people will just not bother.

My main concern is the amount of people using Second Life for ill-use. I’ve heard some pretty horrible things can or could take place in there. Pretty worrying really, especially for vunerable young people (although there is Teen Second Life available).

Although Second Life holds obvious value for marketing and advertising, I’m still sceptical of the true learning potential it can offer (apart from social networking) but it’s early days yet.

2 Responses to Second Life for learning

  1. martinking says:

    I’m also not convinced – I find it too time consuming to get anything done and the things I get done don’t seem productive.

    It might have gteater appeal for a different category of user – those used to a gaming environment for example.

    I think it has potential for certain simulations – business, social sciences, design.

    Probably the bigest potential is in teaching second life – a bit circular

  2. Liz B says:

    Yes I found it a bit tedious too…wasn’t really sure where to go or what to do! And i felt quite shy when other avatars came near me!

    I think it does have potential for conferences where the speaker can show slideshow and then take Q’s from teh floor in real time etc.

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