Top 100 tools for e-learning

This link at the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies lists the top 100 tools for learning. It’s compiled of tools people listed for personal learning and for creating learning solutions.

It’s interesting to see that nearly all the tools in the top 10 are all available for free.

2 Responses to Top 100 tools for e-learning

  1. rdsc says:

    It’s worth subscribing to Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day feed as well – doesn’t spam you with hundreds of irrelevant tools, just one a day focussed around some aspect of teaching, learning or content creation.

  2. kelvin says:

    The interactive whiteboards that were meant to radicalise our teaching have been proven to make no real difference, other than encouraging the kind of didactic, front-of-class teaching that is supposed to induce the least learning in our charges. The computerised voting systems that were sold to us as revolutionising lessons are now gathering dust in a cupboard, having been used three times, before being replaced by a return to the more efficient show of hands.”

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