The decision minefield of choosing an iPod

I’ve been without an MP3 player for a while now, and while I can’t say I miss it that much, it would be nice to have something to start storing my music on and maybe some video. I don’t really agree with walking round with music blasting in your ears all the time, but it would be handy for train journeys and travel. Inevitably I’d probably go for an iPod, but looking at the range available, it’s a tricky choice to make on selecting the most suitable product.

The new iPod Touch 32Gb is an attractive step up in their Touch range. The 8Gb and 16Gb versions have never offered enough memory, especially as the Touch is designed not only for storing music but photos and video too. The apps were also a bit naff compared to what its big brother—the iPhone—could offer. But now as well as the memory increase, Apple have done the right thing and included improved and increased apps for the Touch. But at £329 for the 32Gb version, that’s a lot of money; you could get a iPhone for £269.

iPod nano is too small in memory and to be honest, a bit too cutesy and girl-orientated for my tastes.

So the iPod Classic is surely the winning contender. At 80Gb it has ample space for music, video and photos. So what’s the problem? Well, the thing about the Classic is that it now all looks rather dated compared to other Apple products such as the Touch and iPhone. It uses a bulky hard drive instead of Flash memory, has a small screen size and uses the famous jog wheel which by today’s standards already seems retro. Let’s face it, touch-screen interfaces are the future along with bigger screens for video and internet and of course wi-fi.

Ideally, my iPod of choice would be an 80Gb Touch (at a reasonable price), which by the rate at which Apple are releasing new products, might come sooner than expected.


2 Responses to The decision minefield of choosing an iPod

  1. kelvin says:

    What about other brands jonny?

  2. martinking says:

    Apple have been surprised that teh smaller nano type units haven’t cannabised the higher end units – the higher end units are still shipping well – people are starting wity the small units and then upgradign to the bigger ones.

    I don;t like the built in memory but prefer a chip – more flexible (can have many chips and can insrt into different devices – assuming standard formats)

    My ideal unit is an Iphone screen, windows mobile software and a micro/mini sd slot

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