Portable laptops

Stephen Fry was talking about something interesting the other day on his enjoyable technology blog he writes for the Guardian. It was all about the Asus EEE PC, a small ‘portable’ laptop that uses a simple 4Gb Flash hard drive and Linux software amongst other things. Anyway, this basically means that this laptop is robust and has no vunerable moving parts but has no CD drive and can just perform the most basic of functions (wi-fi internet, simple apps). The EEE is also cheap at around £200.

I was thinking how this bit of kit could be useful:

1. Schools/Colleges
Where, instead of the traditional IT suites and computer centres, the students are each issued with something like the EEE which they then use for study and internet access via the central wi-fi in the building. No more costly IT maintenance and system updating or using limited-supply computers.

2. Travel/Backpackers
There’s an increasing market for travel orientated technology. Whether it be gap year students or backpackers, everyone depends on email communication back home as well as logging their adventures on a blog or similar. There’s also the need for digital photo management. A bigger issue is money management and fear of identity theft. Online banking is ideal for travellers but having a personal, truely portable computer with them for this purpose is the safest way to avoid scams in dodgy internet cafes.

It would be good to know what other people think of hardware like the EEE and the Linux operating system (ie. people with more technical knowledge than me!)


Update (11/02/08) – Looks like thoughts are being put into action from the sound of this news item.

One Response to Portable laptops

  1. martinking says:


    thse are in such demand that it has taken three months to get our delivery – we are expecting one in teh next week or so

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