Video blogging

I’ve never really been into video blogs or incorporating video into a blog post but perhaps that was because I never had the means to capture anything on film. My new Nokia 6300 might allow me to do so in the future.

A collegue from IT systems has been experimenting with video blogging recently and I like the idea that it can give a deeper insight into your world and what you are trying to say.

I found this article—again, about the MacBook Air—quite good fun. Here, a (video) picture speaks louder than words.

Just a thought – are all Mac users this sad?

3 Responses to Video blogging

  1. rdsc says:

    It’s pretty immediate isn’t it – there’s a freshness about it that we’ll probably all tire of, but for now..
    Nice pics of someone taking an air apart on the link below – it’s *soo* thin that you can’t get it to sit flat on the desk if your connectors are too clunky. 88 screws to dissasemble it completely:

  2. Penny says:

    Today i walked through the lc & the majority there were viewing videos. J got a great response when he linked video guidance on his sow rather than a text handout.
    Maybe this brings a dimention into the debate about on-line communication, do we prefer to see someone’s face & expression .

  3. martinking says:


    I hve found it quicker than writing a “proper” blog.

    I have also found that it;s better with other people. Th efirst one I did was just me and it was a bit boring. I quickly learned that it’s better as an interactive medium – became more engaging I think when I involved others.

    written word is better for thougts/ideas – video better for show and tell

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