Junk Monkeys!

I love this Flash based interactive learning game from The British Heart Foundation. Although it’s obviously aimed at kids (there’s McFly and Sugarbabes references) it’s great fun and makes use of some innovative and creative interactions to get the message of healthy eating across. Actually, it’s not just junk food that the BHF are getting at – they are also pointing out that marketing and advertising campaigns aimed at children are equally nasty.

The site makes use of some excellent graphics and the latest trend in high-end Flash sites: 3D fly-bys. ‘Sick Rick’s’ videos are also good fun (he’s a bit scary).

There seems to have been a shift in online learning sites like this – it’s not just learning disguised in a game, it’s a complete interactive adventure where you can choose your own character and decision path.

Here’s another good example.

Sick Rick

One Response to Junk Monkeys!

  1. martinking says:

    True, there is a lot of talk about gaming/simulation/role play in education – good to see these examples.

    Not needinjg to install a program appeals to me.

    the use of full virtual worlds will be really interesting

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