Bob Geldof at BETT

While visiting BETT 2008 the other week – the world’s largest educational technology event –  I spotted Bob Geldof amongst the crowd. It was no suprise to see him at this kind of event – in November he was speaking at the AOC conference in Birmingham (Association of Colleges) and presented the Student of the Year award. At BETT he was lending his support to the charity Missing People who have formed a partnership with Groupcall. Groupcall is a Messenger service that ‘allows schools to simultaneously send voice or text messages to the landlines or mobile phones of parents, staff or other contacts in any language for a low monthly subscription fee.’

I found the actual BETT exhibition a bit overwhelming. There’s just so many people and so much going on that after a while your eyes hurt. It’s just one interactive whiteboard demo after another. Typically, everyone flocked to the BBC stand where I joined the tustle and found myself the owner of the hallowed free give-a-way BBC mug.

Bob Geldof at BETT

One Response to Bob Geldof at BETT

  1. kelvin says:

    I think Bob should pay more attention to his own kids education!

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