Apple and the new MacBook Air laptop

Apple unveiled its latest innovation in its computer technology the other day – the ultra-thin MacBook Air, ‘the world’s thinnest notebook’. It’s only 0.16 to 0.76 inches thick (US imperial measurements naturally) and made of ‘aloo-minum’, whatever that is.

At first I was “Yeah, big deal” – technology is naturally reducing in size all the time and what really are the benefits of shaving off millimeters from the thickness of a laptop. But after reading up on the the spec and watching the simple, no-nonsense videos on the Apple site, I realised that the improved features were not purely cosmetic. For example, there’s the crisp LED screen, the multi-touch trackpad and a system that is 100% wireless. Great stuff.

Admittedly, I am not a Mac user nor an Apple fanatic so I’m just trusting the informative info on the website. There has been some criticism though – mainly the fragile nature of the thin LED screen and lack of optical drive. Ho hum.

But what I find all a bit creepy about Apple is their ‘oh so simple’ approach in the way they promote their products. Take for example, the MacBook Air videos – there’s just the laptop and a hansome, smartly dressed, well groomed Mr Nice Guy (note wedding ring) talking softly and soothingly to us. He’d be great at bedtime stories.

But it’s all a bit too ‘perfect lifestyle’. What about showing us how the laptop performs after being lugged around in the bottom of a rucksack with a squashed banana after a sweaty 1 hour commute across London on a wet Monday morning.

MacBook Air

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