Nintendo Wii to train surgeons

There was an interesting news article recently about how playing on a Nintendo Wii could help improve surgeon skills. As worrying (and far-fetched) as this article may be, it is becoming increasingly known that Wii can improve and aid learning (in one way or another).

Our College recently invested in two consoles that will hopefully be used with Supported Learner students (special needs) to help with eye-hand co-ordination, team work, problem solving and achievement.

I have also heard that Wii’s can provide similar help with the elderly, particularly in keeping them fit, active and motivated.

Nintendo Wii

One Response to Nintendo Wii to train surgeons

  1. martinking says:


    This is interesting – computer games made us fat and lazy and now they may help us get fitter.

    The surgury bit may not be so strange – micro surgury takes place through screens some of thye time.

    eventually we might get operated on by a wii interface – at least it isn’t runnign windows and might blue screen ata crucial cut,,,,

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