Yet another Facebook critic

Tom Hodgkinson must be 98 years old. His recent article critising Facebook uses the same old tired comments and complaints and even throws in some CIA/Facebook conspiracy theories for good measure.

There’s nothing wrong with Facebook or any other social networking site as long as you’re not spending hours using it during work time and uploading your bank details and home address for all and sundry to see.

He moans on about how ‘A friend of mine recently told me that he had spent a Saturday night at home alone on Facebook, drinking at his desk. What a gloomy image.’

People have been sitting at home staring at a screen and not communicating with each other for years. It’s called Television. And at Christmas 13.9 million of us tuned in to watch the gloomiest program currently broadcasted: Eastenders (which I actually find entertaining).

At least you’re communicating using Facebook and hey, who knows, maybe you will actually meet up with that long lost friend you found using the system and go for a drink down the pub.

You know Hodgkinson has lost his way in a wired world when he concludes with, ‘Why would I want to waste my time on Facebook when I still haven’t read Keats’ Endymion? And when there are seeds to be sown in my own back yard?’.

Pompous git.


One Response to Yet another Facebook critic

  1. Mark Gobin says:

    Point well made Jonny!

    I must say Facebook has been great for me. In the past year I have found old friends who I used to play football with at school and recruited them for the 5-a-side football team I run.

    I was also invited to a secondary school reunion through Facebook, when I got their I had such a good time reminiscing about the old times and amazed at what some of them had done with their careers.

    Maybe Hodgekinson doesn’t have many friends.

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